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2020, 1250 x 540 x 460 mm, painted MDF, screws, wood filler, mounting kit, pipe legs, glass plate w/ fixed bearings, marker, lacquer, steel parts

SIMON’s steel pipe legs were gifted by a friend who was getting rid of an old desk. Koen Van Eeckhoutte found two thick glass plates left as trash by neighbouring people. One slipped out of his fingers and shattered on the steps of his doorway. The other one had steel bearings and survived. In combining and repairing “broken materials” the artist commits to recognising the beauty of transience and emphasises a circular economy.

The scratched glass surface on top of SIMON tells hundreds of stories and carries an aura. SIMON looks through the scratches.

SIMON’s soles are layered with steel plates. For a table to be more than furniture it should not behave as such. When vigorously shoving SIMON around, one’s floor would scrape.


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