Van Eeckhoutte

Van Eeckhoutte is a young artistic furniture maker from Amersfoort. His furniture is characterized by its simple, yet stylish design. Van Eeckhoutte‘s furniture is made from highquality materials and is built to last. He has been making furniture since 2017 and his pieces have been featured in several magazines and online publications.

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Find your inner artist

Van Eeckhoutte gets a lot of inspiration from his childhood drawings and still draws the same way. He grew up drawing things like monsters and robots, and he still loves to draw those things today. He says that he gets a lot of joy out of seeing his childhood drawings come to life in his adult work.

Turning trash into treasure

Van Eeckhoutte is always on the lookout for materials to create his art. He loves to find wood on the street that he can repurpose into something beautiful. He has found all sorts of wood, from old pallets to pieces of scrap wood. He always brings his car so he can haul away whatever he finds. Most people see wood as garbage, but Van Eeckhoutte sees it as his medium. He has created all sorts of art using wood, from sculptures to paintings. He even makes furniture out of some of the larger pieces he finds. He has a true gift for seeing the potential in something that others would simply throw away. Van Eeckhoutte is always on the lookout for new materials to use in his art. He is always willing to take whatever someone is getting rid of. He knows that he can turn it into something special.

A new way to see art

This year, Van Eeckhoutte opened his flagship gallery in Amersfoort. The opening was a great success, with many people in attendance and a lot of interest in his artworks. Van Eeckhoutte is very happy to now be selling his artworks in his own gallery and looks forward to continued success in the future.

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Hi, if you‘re ever interested in my art or want to commission me, don‘t hesitate to contact me. I‘m always open to new projects and love hearing from people who appreciate my work.