Koen Van Eeckhoutte, furniture artist
2000, 250 x 560 x 1740 mm, bones, flesh, blood, hair, cloth, glasses, silver parts

About Koen Van Eeckhoutte

I oblige myself to artistry with the promise that I’m a table-maker. Without the boundaries of a set focus point my artistic expressions are intangibly wide.

Some life-resonating symbolism hides in my furniture makings as I try to touch matters of the whole. In the uncomplicated output resides a world where furniture takes part in an abstractive figurative way. Illustrations and comics document these furniture-like beings and with them I try to build an alternative reality.


A big part of life happens while sitting at a table. I see my work as carriers and anchor points of this fact. They are the translated fragments from the going ons of an alternative world. In my train of thought, the steel plated “VE”-logo and the rich illustrated backstory about the table help bind the object to that reality.

Originality plays an important role in the fulfilling of my duty as a table-maker. Each work is crafted only once and comes together as a result of spontaneous process, using unique materials found on the street. All pieces are accompanied by the Echtheidscertificaat (Dutch for ‘certificate of authenticity’). This signed certificate confirms the sale and is bound to the work by a serial number.

May my work be anchor points to more than just my customers.