The thesis that all creation’s source is destruction has been a driving pillar in the works of Van Eeckhoutte since the beginning. Raised awareness in our destructive patterns of physical manifestations make place for a natural restore in balance between the kings of destruction and creation. 

Koen Van Eeckhoutte recognises this in the beauty of transience and imperfection in the re-use of lost and/or broken materials, emphasising a circular economy. He follows the Japanese concept of wabi-sari both in his own craftsmanship and the material’s heritage. 

All the material used to make a Van Eeckhoutte was either found on the street, gifted by movers, or bought from progressive timber manufacturers. (UNDER LICENSES OF JONGENEEL: FSC’’C020700, FSC’’C019958 AND BOUWMAAT: FSC’’C022354, SCS-PEFC/COC-005358).