Devil’s Marionet


2020, 450 x 500 x 1080 mm, painted MDF, screws, wood filler, steel parts, spray paint, marker, lacquer, toy car, pressed wood, wood, wooden hatstand 

Religion’s spirituality and its recurring and variating conceptualisations are the main theme for some of life’s most striking behavioural patterns. 

The Devil’s incarnations play various roles in these biblical studies. In the main theme it characterises mankind’s wrong-doings and is a subduing force of nature. In a way, devils, with the most notorious one being Satan, resemble all reasons why we are not the angels of bliss and perfection, but humans with raw mistakes and un-easy trust-falls. In some philosophies, the idea of God and Satan being inside each and every one of us is portrayed as the internal Yin and Yang. The holy and unholy characters, like the angel and devil on our shoulders, symbolise humans internally. 

Agreeing with either God and Satan being internal, external, or both makes way for a new thesis; where you are both of their incarnations, combining and crystallising itself as your humanity.

The idea of a marionet is one of Godly significance, where you hold power over a character and decide its faith. A marionet’s appearance resembling that of the Devil raises questions of higher state. Does the Devil point us in directions, or is it our own hand? One could say you identify with both the angels and demons you carry. This thought is further layered with the Devil’s Marionet playing with a symbolic toy car, mastering and moving it to its will.

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