Friend on Blue Chair


Friend on Blue Chair is a two piece set consisting of a heavy chair and a marionet. 

What makes a taken chair better?

Blue Chair

2020, 795 x 660 x 860 mm, painted compressed wood, oak, lacquer, painted MDF, screws, wood, wood filler, wood glue, steel parts, foam, synthetic leather

A panel of compressed wood was gifted to Koen by a friend who found it out on the street and knew of the tablemaker’s appetite for lost materials. The legs and sides of the chair used to be the underside of a large dinner table gifted to Koen by a moving neighbour. This large dinner table’s tabletop was used to make Vitor. 


2020, 1300 x 460 mm, painted MDF, wood, screws, wood glue, wood filler, marker, lacquer, steel parts 

The measurements for the marionet were taken directly off of Koen’s body. The marionet was later proportioned to be shorter to fit Blue Chair. He was also made a smoker.

Friend (originally named KOEN) and Blue Chair (originally named BLUE CHAIR) were shown at the Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort, August 2020 in a corona-proof group exhibition called “Talking About My Generation”; Koen exhibited a conceptual living room surrounding an old movie.

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