Albino Draak


Albino Draak (Albino Dragon)

2023, 2040 x 1300 MM, painted wood, MDF, and multiplex, nails, screws, wood plugs, wood glue, wood filler, lacquered broomsticks, broken tiles, tile adhesive, metal parts

Captured is a mythical beast with a sufferable expression that seems to resemble that of wasted potential.

The wood has been cut and painted and re-cut and re-painted many times because its been used and re-used in various projects, ever before it ended up here. At some point the bits get smaller and smaller and, when saved in quantity, provide new life to a new idea. 

Presented is a dragon’s head, severed from its body, with two arrows protruding its red-open neck. The anguish in its eyes stems from the what he’s made of; broken materials found outside, used and disposed of in a casual fashion. 

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