Pink Serpent Table


2021, 500 x 1050 x 827 mm, painted wooden table legs, tainted glass plate, plastic nut bearings, steel parts, marker

The pink serpent table resembles the coincidental quality with which the materials in Van Eeckhoutte’s work method combine themselves into pieces of furnituremtive design. As all of the building blocks which corner this work find recycled heritage, it is another example of creation inspired by the destruction and resurrection of lost or broken matter. 

The serpents themselves were transformed from four table legs. With the cut-outs of their mouths used for the tails, and the cut-outs of their spinal spikes used for their teeth. 

The glass plate was found years before, and had been collecting dust in the studio for quite some time. As it was found with four corner holes, Van Eeckhoutte waited for the right opportunity to use it, and did so once he combined the pink snakes, cut in half, with bearings which once held the different parts of a thrown away cat scratch pole.

The serpents are painted pink.

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