2020, 585 x 860 x 787 mm, painted MDF, glass, silicone drops, wood filler, wooden sticks, painted oak, nails, wood glue, steel parts, marker | ink, marker and water-colour on paper

The certainty of life’s uncertainty is a driving force for life. Balancing this fact and accepting its nature makes way for a spontaneous “coincidence”, where a random collection of found materials are left to be the main inspiration for this work. An unusual holed glass panel found near a dumpster lead to the idea of making an archery-induced vandalised table, spiking out arrows, with one of which, piercing through the corner hole in the glass.

This vandalisation in marked in an original one page storyboard. Van Eeckhoutte likes the idea of an alternative reality where his tables play part. In our world, they resemble a carrying fragment of an other worldly story. In PIJL’s case, it is about the children that went out to the wizard’s forest, to play with their archery sets.

INCLUDES: certificate of authenticity, postcard illustration, original storyboard

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