2021, 770 x 1427 x 817 mm, second hand table, wooden beams, wooden planks, lacquer, steel parts, spray paint, screws, wood filler, marker 

A friend asked me to make her a desk for a Dutch short movie she was working on. The movie is an interpretation of a story by BJ Novak called The Invention Of The Calendar.

The story centers around invention, and by that, the table plays an essential role. Every great invention was at one point developed on a table. The movie beautifully engages this centre piece approach surrounding tables and their important role in all of history’s inventions and lives parallel to my philosophies on tables. With tables being an extension of the human mind and a grounding place where we can engage with the physical workings of spirit. 

This is the first desk developed as an official Van Eeckhoutte work. It was made from a second hand desk found at a thrift store. This desk was bend so badly that two rustic beams were added on top, giving it back strength and an iconic look. The legs are made of old wood left from a home renovation, but the system which connected the original thrift store legs to the tabletop was kept and painted blue.  


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