2020, 850 x 450 x 915 mm, painted MDF, screws, wood filler, steel parts, nails, steel pipes, spray paint, stone slab, rubber furniture felts, steel thumbtacks, marker, lacquer | ink, marker, pencil, crayon, and watercolour on paper

Table DRAAK is a fragment from the end of a story that took place in a world where dragons still roam. One of them laid eyes upon an unsuspecting village, bringing great fires of torment to their streets. 

The dragon did not fear death and was relentless to the people of town until the table-maker from the west, wielding a mighty stone slab, ended the story with a new furniture work; DRAAK.

DRAAK was made from big leftover MDF from a collaborative furniture set made with Locks The Painter. The upper back-teeth of DRAAK are a perfect fit for the side profile of the chair from the collaborative exposition; Sky and Sand, because that part remained the same as it came of as scrap from the chair. 

Van Eeckhoutte likes the idea of an alternative reality where his works carry a different origin story than the materialistic one just described. This alternative story is illustrated and presented as a storyboard.

INCLUDES: certificate of authenticity, postcard illustration, storyboard

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