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2020, 382 x 780 x 550 mm, oak-wood, magnets, steel parts, nails, wood-stain | ink, watercolour on postcard-size paper

Heavy oak table, which can be taken apart in seconds. This can be experienced as a very satisfying process, as the tabletop is pulled in its place by magnets.
Koen Van Eeckhoutte received the wood from a moving neighbour. VITOR is entirely made out of what used to be the tabletop of a large, thick dinner table. This “making a smaller table out of one big tabletop” type build is exposed by the rough, black stripe of scorned wood which glides across all top and bottom parts.
VITOR’s underside is layered with steel plates instead of regular felt pads to demand a certain approach in use of the object. It should not be pushed or shoved but instead be lifted with care, as to not scrape one’s floor.


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