What’s the deal with interior? Boring presentation, conservative brand appeal, and no meaning. Personally, I love interior. The way you decorate your living place says a lot about the person you are. But still. Why does it have to be so meaningless, especially for a younger, more fruitful generation? 

Don’t get me wrong now. There are exceptions of intriguing designers who test the limits of what’s possible and what’s not. Unfortunately, these innovative artists lose attention after their one feature in a local newspaper and are forgotten.

So here’s a message to the interior industry; FUCK TABLES.

Because tables are a major point of interest in ones living room, it is a perfect tool to send a message. In this case a message directed to the meaningless interior decorators who are sitting on the top of the rock, not letting anyone take their place. 

A situation not only occurring in the world of interior design, but in most branches/categories of whatever you want to set your mind to.

<end of message>

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