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2021, 880 x 388 x 462 mm, pressed wood, couch legs, wood, screws, wood filler, wood glue, steel parts, glass plate, marker, lacquer 

The fully realised man centers above a point of balance, coping with the bad times as one does with the good times: worry-less, and steady like a good table, supporting others while staying solid yourself. 

The light and the dark are meant to, hand in hand, direct us in our lives. Both subjectively being predominant would mean blindness by too much light or none at all.

Man’s 4 table legs are all connected with three points to their lower parts, evening perfectly with 6 negatively fuelled faces and 6 positively fuelled faces over all 4 limbs, with the bad and good faces appearing alternately. 

Man’s arms and legs are removable with a small wrench or by hand and are connected with small bolts to its body. Man’s feet are layered with steel plates instead of regular felt pads to demand a certain approach in use of the object. It should not be pushed or shoved around but instead be lifted with care, as to not scrape one’s floor.


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